Addictive Personality Disorder

Addictive Personality Disorder

Addictive personality disorder is a psychological term that describes individuals with personalities that are more inclined to develop addictions. People suffering from this personality disorder get addicted to several things including drugs, alcohol, food, and sex.

Addictive Personality Disorder

Victims suffering from this personality disorder pose a danger to themselves and the society. Causes of Addictive Personality Disorder There is no specific cause that leads to this personality disorder. Usually, our genetics contribute significantly to our personalities.

There are some key Points listed below

  • Therefore, it is thought that genetics plays a key role in predisposing specific people to suffering from this disorder.
  • Psychologists state that around 50% of those suffering from this disorder acquired it from their parent’s genetics.
  • Poor coping skills can also lead to this disorder. Most people who cannot handle life problems in positive ways fall into addictions to escape life’s realities.
  • Moreover, it is thought that people who produce higher levels of dopamine are more likely to suffer from this disorder.
  • Signs and Symptoms The initial signs of this disorder is secretive behavior. The person suffering from addictive personality disorder will have two faces; a public and a private phase.
  • Victims will pretend that all is well with their lives. They will go as far as doing things that are considered commendable in society. They will put up this act even to the closest members of their families.

However, there will be questionable gaps in the stories that they give. Victims of the disorder have a compulsive need for other to respect their privacy. The sham they put up usually crumbles after some time. This happens when their addictions spiral out of control.

Addictive Personality Disorder

When word gets out about their addictions, some victims of this disorder will sink deeper into their addictions. This happens when they have poor coping skills or when they lack a support group in the form of friends or supportive family members. At this stage, their marriages usually break, their careers go down the drain, and most of them start taking risky financial decisions. The personality disorder fuels addictions; the addictions fuel the personality disorder. In some cases, victims suffering from this disorder become suicidal and may intentionally hurt their closest family members.

Addictive Personality Treatment

  1. Treatment begins by creating a support group for the victim.
  2. To address the addiction problem, it is best to involve family members in the treatment process
  3. Usually, this is done by having joint healing sessions where the person suffering from the disorder is to ask for forgiveness from his family members for any wrongdoing that was motivated by his addictions.

Addictive Support Groups

The people suffering from this disorder should also join support groups where they can meet and share their experiences with other who are also suffering from the disorder. Nevertheless, if the environment of the victim is fueling the disorder, the victim should be removed from such environments. While this may destabilize the victim at the start, it should be beneficial in the long run. It is best to use the services of a trained psychologist when trying to treat addictive personality disorder.

Written by: Frankly