Cures for allergic reaction symptoms rash

Allergy is a common problem that occurs worldwide and some allergic reaction symptoms rash, congested nose, throat and teary eyes need to be treated and prevented for keeping a healthy body.

Some people are more prone to allergic reactions than others as their immune system is overly protective of their bodies. Allergic reactions can occur due to variety of causes like – pollen, dust, mites, certain foods and summer smog.

Allergic reaction symptoms


Allergic reaction symptoms rash, cough, cold, watery eyes can be prevented and cured by using these home treatments.

How to treat allergic reaction symptoms rash, cough and teary eyes?

1. Use Solutions

You can mix 1 tbsp of salt with warm water and then add a pinch of baking soda. Use this mixture daily to irrigate your nose.

This saline solution helps to soothe nose and relieves from constant congestion. Saline solution cuts through the thick yellow mucous that is released by your body.

This solution also removes certain irritants and reduces inflammation of face. However, if you have asthma or bronchitis, then consult your doctor once before using this homemade technique.

You can use rose water solution to apply on your face. Rose water will help you to combat allergic reaction symptoms rash.

2. Wash it off –

If you spend long days outside during pollen season then take a bath before going to sleep. Wash your head and body thoroughly as it will ensure that you are not carrying any pollen on your body. Sometimes people with pollen allergies spend long days outside and then they come home and go off to sleep.

This can prove to be harmful to you as pollens that are stuck to hair and body are not washed off. Moreover, they get stuck to your pillow. If you get an allergy attack then take a warm bath before going to bed. Change your bed sheets and pillow covers.

Warm water bath will ensure that they are no pollens on your body and it might also help to relieve some congestion. Wash your skin with mild face wash to ensure that allergic reaction symptoms rash do not occur.

3. Use some tea –

For centuries people have turned to hot and steamy tea to get relieve from their symptoms of allergy. You can make tea in variety of flavors like peppermint tea, cardamom tea, ginger tea and cinnamon tea.

These additional ingredients that are added in tea not only provide it with great flavor but also with anti congesting properties.

Tea has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. Moreover, you can also keep tea bags on your skin to prevent allergic reaction symptoms rash.

4. Steam it –

You can steam your face to get relief from allergic reaction symptoms rash and congestion. Just pour some water in a steamer and then let it boil.

You can also add some peppermint and Margosa leaves to get additional benefits. Peppermint will decongest your nose and Margosa leaves would relieve you from allergic symptoms rash.

Taking in vaporized form of peppermint and Margosa leaves will not only cure allergy but it can prove to be very beneficial for your health, if used daily.

These homemade techniques will surely help to relieve you from allergic reaction symptoms rash, congestion, throat tightening and teary eyes.

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