Common Allergic Reaction Symptoms

Allergic reactions symptoms are common problems that occur to many people worldwide. Allergic reactions occur to those people whose immune system gives an exaggerated response to harmless foreign bodies.

Due to over exaggerated immune responses your body produces a chemical known as histamine. This chemical produces bodily responses like rashes, cough, blocked nose etc.

What are the Symptoms of allergy?

Symptoms of allergy are a result of histamine production in the body.

  • Hence, people take anti histamines worldwide to control allergic responses.
  • Allergic reaction symptoms can sometime be fatal to health and severe symptoms of allergic reactions include anaphylaxis.
  • Anaphylaxis includes a group of symptoms i.e. – difficulty in swallowing and swelling of lips and throat.
  • In severe cases of allergic reaction, one can also get dizziness or unconsciousness.
  • Common allergic reaction symptoms Eyes – Itching and redness of eyes are common symptoms in mostly all allergic reactions.
  • This is known as allergic conjunctivitis. This includes – itchy and red eyes, teary eyes, blurred vision, runny nose and release of whitish fluid from the eyes.
  • Nose and Airways – Your nose and airway pathways are completely blocked with thick yellowish mucous.

Symptoms of allergy in nose and airways include sneezing, coughing, runny nose, irritation of nose and wheezing. Major conditions that can worsen with common allergies are asthma, bronchitis and shortness of breath. Due to increased mucous production breathing can get difficult and you might need an inhalant to control your condition.

Mouth – Allergic reactions

Mouth – Allergic reactions can also be shown by mouth and these allergic reaction symptoms of mouth come under oral allergy syndrome. It is usually caused by certain vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Some common reactions that occur in oral allergic syndrome include – burning sensation of lips, mouth and pharynx. You can also get diarrhea, acid release in stomach and occasional vomiting if the allergen is swallowed.

You can consult your doctor but you can also eat antihistamine to relieve oral symptoms. Skin – Skin also shows symptoms of allergy when allergic reactions happen in your body. Your skin can become dry, itchy, red and bumpy when allergic reactions occur in your body.

Your body can show symptoms of eczema which include dryness, rashes that ooze out liquid and constant itching.

Some more Symptoms

  • If intense itching continues then one must consult their doctor or take some anti histamine. Sometimes when cosmetics are applied then one can get itchy and red bumpy rashes.
  • This is a symptom of someone being allergic to chemicals and dyes that are used in cosmetics.
  • Digestive Tract – There are group cells present in white blood cells inside our body and digestive tract.
  • This sub group is known as Eosinophils. These cells have a protective function as they help to destroy those foreign bodies in digestive tract that are perceived harmful.
  • In allergy Eosinophils can perceive even small pollen also harmful. Common symptoms of this condition include – inflammation in the body, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and acid reflux.
  • These are symptoms that are common in most allergic reactions. To fight these allergic reaction symptoms one needs to consult a doctor or take anti histamine immediately.

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