Common Allergic Reaction Symptoms in Dogs

Allergic reaction symptoms in dogs are similar to what humans experience in allergy. Dogs go through common symptoms of itching, body odor, ear infections and bumpy skin. allergic symptoms are sometimes confused with dogs having lice and ticks. Some symptoms are similar to having ticks and lice but not all.

What is Histamine?

Dogs itch, get skin rashes, get cough and get red bumps in their allergy because of release of histamine in their body. Histamine is released in the dog’s body when an allergen attacks it. Usually areas like ears, eyes, between toes, groin and areas around the anus itch’s the maximum in dogs.

Sometimes dogs go bald in the areas of constant itch. This baldness in dogs is known as alopecia.

Causes of allergy in dogs

Common Allergic Reaction Symptoms in Dogs

Causes of allergy in dogs can be – food allergy, seasonal allergy and atmosphere allergy. Results of these allergies can include damage to skin, stinky skin, fungus development, skin infections and bacteria multiplication in ear.

Here is a list some common allergic reaction symptoms in dogs

  1. Constant Itching and scratching Strong odor Ear infection Scooting Vomiting Skin infections Diarrhea Constant rubbing of face Burping Allergic reaction symptoms in dogs that you should look out for Ear infection- During an allergy the first part to be affected in dogs is their ears.
  2. Ear infections are common problems in dogs. During an ear infection the ear becomes red and itchy. Usually bacteria infect the ear and it further increases the problem of ear infection in dogs.
  3. Sometimes white colored worms may also infect ears of dogs. If this infection is not treated then it can lead to ear inflammation and deafness.
  4. Some allergic reaction symptoms in dogs are caused when they come back home from a groomer.
  5. Sometimes dogs are allergic to chemicals and shampoos that the groomer uses.

So, if your dog starts to itch after coming home from a groomer then your dog might be allergic to shampoos and cleansers that the groomer uses. Pet Skin Infections – During an allergy when histamine is released in the body then itching is caused.

When a dog uses his paws to itch then many bacteria and fungus enters the dog’s body. These bacteria and fungus start growing into the skin of the dog and make their allergy worse. Bacteria like staphylococcus and pseudomonas whereas fungus like yeast enters into the dog’s body.

Some Basics

These micro organisms also cause strong odor in dogs. Usually antibiotic creams and medicines are administered in dogs to control their allergies. Anti histamine can also be given to control constant itching.

Digestive Problems – Dogs also get digestive problems when they suffer from allergic reaction symptoms. They may frequently vomit, burp and pass gas. Dogs also get diarrhea and they start passing nasty gasses along with stool. Shocks – Dogs can also undergo shocks during their allergy.

They may show symptoms of shallow pulse and heart beat. Dogs can also faint and die during allergic symptoms if not treated on time. In case of shock then administer CPR and call a veterinarian. These allergic reaction symptoms in dogs can occur in any type of breed and dogs have to be taken care of during allergies otherwise results can be fatal.

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