Addictive Personality Treatment

Addictive Personality Treatment is a vast and specialized subject in medical field. The treatment of disease is in severe cases, is long associated with withdrawal symptoms and it could be very painful. Fortunately all treatment do not require hospitalization but in extreme cases long stay may be required to treat chronic cases.

Cases requiring hospitalization are mostly in cases where withdrawal symptoms are severe. What is Addiction? Addiction is a compulsive tendency to crave for something. Just because you wish to have 5 cups of tea during a day may not be called an addictive, but when it increases to 20 or 30 cups a day, accompanied by change in behavior if denied a cup of tea is certainly an addictive behavior.

The change in behavior may be aggression, stress, and many other symptoms that a trained medical man can find out. It may not be readily detected by a common observer but trained medics can easily detect such changes.

How Persons become Addicts

  • How Persons become Addicts and how they are detected. Addictions normally start as a friendly activity and then grow considerably depending on the lack of control a man or a woman has on his/her mind.
  • Coming together of persons with similar tastes certainly accentuates the habit. You can certainly see addicts in every jail.
  • Even when you are jailed for a short period, there is a possibility that you can come out as an addict. First trial of substance, habit formation and then addiction are the three main stages.

The addicts can be seen in all walks of life. You can see people addicted to cigarettes, endless cups of tea, drink, gambling, drugs etc. Even you can sometimes see addicted to eating. Some of athlete/sportspersons may become addicted just on basis of trained medical advice to get advancement in the selected sport.

Addictive Personality treatments

So how are detected?

Fidgeting is the most seen indication and detected by a bystander. A trained medical man could detect an addict from a long distance, where as common bystander may not be able to detect even after a long talk with an addict.

Listed below are common indications that are displayed on delay or denial of substance to which they are addicted.

  1. Impulsive behavior Fidgeting Aggression Social alienation Stress Addictive personality treatment may differ and individual treatment is the key.
  2. Treatment and after effects The treatment is different in each case and has to tailor made for each case depending to the level of addiction and substance involved.
  3. Simple addiction like cigarettes, tea etc can even be treated without going to any specialist.
  4. The mental power of the addict and mental suggestion from a nearby relative may be enough. In some of help of doctor is helpful in reducing the time of treatment.

The worst cases are that of drug addicts. The start of such addiction may have been in the low level jail life or high level sport personality. Many of them require long periods of hospitalization Treatment of addictive personality and that of addictive person are same.

Where the personality is detected earlier, the treatment could be easier than treatment of a confirmed addict. The treat might differ on the basis of time when an addict is brought for treatment and in all cases, a trained doctor’s office or the hospital place for addictive personality treatment.

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