Addictive Personality Test: An Overview

To be predisposed to one or several addictions is the addictive personality test which denotes that the person is suffering from a psychological disorder. Addictive personality disorders can comprise of addiction towards gambling, internet, eating, sleeping or just about any habit.

Let us have a quick look at some of the addictive personality traits which indicate that the person is the victim. Excessive use of the gratifying actions: This is one of the symptoms of the people who suffer from addictive personality test.

Basic Terminology about addictive personality

  • To seek pleasure in the repetition of the certain activities is the addictive personality test which explicitly denotes addictive personality disorder.
  • Basically, the people try to deal with their mental conflicts or stressful conditions which they otherwise find difficult to manage.
  • Feeling of being abandoned: Victims of this psychological condition have anti-social behavior.
  • They feel that they are being discarded or abandoned by the society. They prefer to live in isolation away from friends and communities.
  • They are introvert and cannot express them explicitly. Poor self esteem: This is an addictive personality test.
  • Victims suffer from the problems like low self esteem have constant self doubts and have the feeling of insecurity always. Compulsive behavior is an indicator: Compulsive behavior means repeating the same activities time and again.

Victim of addictive personality disorder

Victim of addictive personality disorder spend too much of time, energy, efforts and money on the gratifying activities. Consuming excessive alcohol, gambling, internet addiction, pornography addiction are some of the traits of the sufferer. Impulsiveness: Impulsivity is the trait of the sufferer.

Addictive Personality Test
  1. Their behavior pattern comprises of no prior thoughts before acting, they do not think of the consequences of their activities and display the repetitive activities without considering.

2. They have pseudo gratification and do not have real pleasure: The sufferers are addicts and they seek the false pleasure.

3. They self censor themselves and can never have a real sense of gratification. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is an effective treatment: All those who suffer from the chronic problem of the psychological disorder should go in for CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is a psychotherapeutic method to treat the patients effectively.

The treatment method

The treatment method helps a great deal to the patients and they start understanding their thousand which in turn prevents their repetitive activities. The concept on which CBT works is to treat the patients by counseling and guide them to recognize their underlying feelings and thoughts so that they can overcome problematic behavior. Due to its effectiveness, CBT has become very popular.

It is a successful treatment method and this therapy does not cost much to patients. Mood elevators should be avoided: Some people use mood elevators to overcome from the problems of addictive personalities but they may have side effects and hence can pose health risks. Due to the rising stress levels and cut throat competition more and more people are falling victims to this mental disease.

Those who have symptoms of addictive personality disorder are advised not to take pills but should go for CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy instead which has a high success rate. If you exhibit the traits that can be called addictive personality test then CBT is highly recommended.

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